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Abiator's Reading: QAR Set 05:03 ACTIVITIES
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Text from: School Journal Part 1, Number 3, 1992 (Published by Learning Media), Original Article by Jan Maguiness, Photographs by Gene Rigney

This is the story of the first day in the lives of twin lambs.

Before the lambs were born, their mother looked very big and uncomfortable. When she felt it was time for the lambs to be born, she lay down and began pushing the first one out.

birthThe birth was soon over, and the ewe started cleaning her lamb. This first lamb was a female.

After about twenty-five minutes, the ewe was ready to give birth to the other twin.

The lamb was born in a thin water bag, which the mother licked off. The new lamb was male. He was still attached to the umbilical cord, the tube through which he was fed during his five months in the ewe's belly. It broke as the ewe licked him.

Meanwhile, the other lamb sucked at her mother's udder for milk.

The mother and twins learn to know each other's smell. They need to do this so they can recognise each other.

The new lambs learnt to stand quite quickly on their trembly little legs and soon the ewe took the twins for their very first walk. The lambs stayed close together.

The ewe knew when the lambs were tired, and she let them rest.

farmerThe farmer soon came to see the new lambs. He looked at them carefully to make sure they are all right.

After the farmer left, the lambs wandered off and explored for a while.

suckling lambBut it was not long before they were hungry again. They bleated loudly for their mother.

She heard them and called to them. The lambs ran to join her. Their tails wagged happily as they drank her lovely warm milk.

This text has been adapted by AJBerghuis

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Total Marks: 10
RIGHT THERE   1.    Which lamb is the younger?  [1 mark]

THINK & SEARCH  2.    Why is the umbilical cord important?  [2 marks]

AUTHOR & YOU   3.    What do you think is the purpose of this article?  [3 marks]  »[Help]

ON MY OWN   4.    Do a PMI [What?] on living on a farm.  [4 marks]