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OK, so you made it!
Well, this site was originally made for the kids in my class (I taught 8 - 10-year olds at the time) since I was reading them The Hobbit in class (no, not the entire thing, the abridged BBC radio version instead. Yeah, I went through an old copy of the book and highlighted all the parts to read!).

After the kids had done so much work and continued to do so and show such enthusiasm for the story, I got even more enthused myself and a few dozen webpages grew to several dozen, and, well, just kept on growing - to more than 700 webpages for just this part of my teaching website.

Thousands of people have now accessed these pages which has surprised me and given the kids whose work is scattered throughout these pages a big kick.

Special thanks to Tehanu of TheOneRing website, a fantastic Tolkien 'net resource for featuring this site for a few days around October 13th, 2000:

Cool Hobbit site for teachers and kids.
10/13/00, 7:57 pm EST - Tehanu

Regular correspondent Tiggy sent us the URL to a very cute and cool site on The Hobbit. It seems to be a class project from an inspired teacher, but as well as that it's a great interactive resource for any of you out there who're teaching or studying The Hobbit in class.

This little plug REALLY boosted the visitors to the site and gave the kids and I satisfaction that our creativity was receiving a wider audience - which wasn't the original aim, but it's great that it happened. And it's also why I now occasionally post links to this site hither and thither.